Charity Talks

Giving Multiplier

January 6, 2022

Joshua Greene, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University and co-founder of Giving Multiplier, joins Charity Talks.  During the podcast, Joshua and Brooke discuss the “heart” versus “head” dilemma surrounding charitable giving, and the behavioral research his team at Harvard has been doing that led to his founding of Giving Multiplier.  Giving Multiplier allows donors to pick two charities — their favorite one and a super-effective one recommended by experts — and divide their donation between the two.  Giving Multiplier then adds a 9% to 90% match.  And for listeners of Charity Talks, Giving Multiplier has created a code (CharityTalks) which will add another 10% to Giving Multiplier’s match, so there is no better time to make the charitable donation that you may have been contemplating.  (0:31).

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